Davor Paulson

Highly skilled naval engineer, hard working Imperial Knight, reluctant psion and all-around swell guy


Str: 4 (yeah, you read that right)
Dex: 9 (he wanted to be a pilot)
End: 8
Int: 10
Edu: 10
Soc: 7 (11 with Knighthood)

Admin 0
Computers 1
Drive [Grav] 0
Engineer [Power Plant] 3
Engineer [Life Support] 2
Engineer [Jump Drive] 4
Engineer [M-Drive] 3
Engineer [Ship Building] 0
Gunner [Turret] 1
Gun Combat [Energy Pistol] 0
Leadership 1
Mechanic 2
Melee [Blade] 1
Pilot [Ship’s Boat] 1
Recon 0
Sensors 1
Space Science [Robotics] 0
Streetwise 2
Vaac Suit 1
Zero-G 1

Psi-Strength 6

Telepathy 1
Clairvoyance 1
Telekinesis 0
Awareness 1
Teleportation 0

TL 14 Combat armor with Chameleon Field and Grav Belt


Commodore Brayton Grieg and I (Davor Polson) are both from Pixie. Our families are related, with the Polson clan having fallen from grace several generations ago. The exact nature of the feud depends on the stories one hears growing up, but Fuller Polson was disgraced as a philanderer and corrupt official (although the Polson account holds that he was framed for the corruption by the Griegs in order to secure the estate which continues to serve as the family home). The Griegs have since gained power and influence in Pixie society but maintain a hatred for the Polsons based on the perceived shame of kinship to them.

Brayton and Davor went to school together and quarrelled often with Brayton usually getting the better of the physical exchange and the worst of the official fall out. The Griegs used social pull to ensure Brayton got an early commisssion and choice postings while Davor simply enlisted, believing hard work, honesty and skill would be enough. Brayton Grieg commanded the vessel during Davor’s first two terms, relying heavily on the skills of his XO’s and skilled crews to earn him promotions. While several crew members were recognized who did deserve it, Davor never was, despite having more than earned it.

At the beginning of their third term Brayton was given command of the Imperial Cruiser “Sword of Retribution”. Brayton asked to have Davor assigned to his crew as a “potentially excellent engineer who just needs some additional guidance”. It was clear to Davor that he was to be the on-call fall guy for Brayton’s near total lack of understanding of how ship’s work and what they were capable of. Only days into the cruise, Brayton was caught having sex with a junior enlisted Comm tech by his XO and the report was filed with Navy Command. Brayton offered Davor a huge sum to testify that the XO had fabricated the entire thing in order to gain command “Retribution”. Davor refused. Although the matter was never heard by the Conduct Review Board, Brayton was removed from “Retribution” and given command of a Destroyer.

Under the new Commanding Officer, Davor’s skills began to sow and he received his commission and promotion. At the end of his third term Davor was transferred to the Courier “Barracuda”. Most of the 4 years went well and Davor ’s carrer seemed on track. During a standard run to support the Imperial Fleet in the Sword World theater “Barracuda” picked up Brayton Grieg to return him to Naval Command to face a Board of Inquiry. During the return voyage, Barracuda encountered a Free Trader beset by pirates. “Barracuda” gave chase and found itself ambushed by another two Corsairs armed with military grade weapons.

“Barracuda” was badly under-armed for the conflict, but the Captain was a skilled veteran and used the ship’s overbuilt drives and nav computers to earn a strong tactical advantage. The Power Plant, for which Davor was responsible, was poorly suited to the demands of a sustained fire-fight. Davor struggled to keep the plant online for several attack runs, even nursing extra power to the shield generators On the sixth attack run, with two of the Corsairs disabled, the shields having taken more hits than they should have been able to, and all turrets firing, the Power Plant failed. Shields went down almost instantly. Turrets locked and the nav computer winked out before it could make the crucial turn. The remaining Corsair scored a volley on the nearly dead “Barracuda”, killing 8 crew members, including the Captain. Davor brought the plant back on line in time to get power to the shields before the Corsair could finish them. With power back on line, the XO managed to finish the final Corsair.

Brayton Grieg testified at the hearing. The XO did not, he’d been killed in a restaurant parking lot the night before.

Four years later, on Denotam, Davor is tending bar at a slightly worn spaceport watering hole called “The Lift Lounge” when in walks none other than a very drunk Brayton Grieg. Brayton sits a while, drinking, heedless of the bartender who is very happy to remain anonymous. The booze eventually gets the best of Brayton and he begins to harass and bully the other patrons. The much larger Brayton is very drunk, so Davor removes him from the bar pretty easily, hoping Brayton was too blacked out to remember the incident much less who tossed him out. After closing the bar and running the last of the drunks out Davor left, locking up behind him. As he turned to leave, eager to get a few hours rack time before he spent the morning trying to find a way off this frozen rock, Brayton struck. A savage booted stomp to the outside of Davor’s right knee. Davor was on the ground and knifed before the pain hit him. C5,000 and six months later, and Davor can walk again. and is back at “The Lift Lounge” trying to earn back the scratch he lost to medical bills at night, while spending his days trying to find a ship sorry enough to need an Engineer who can barely walk and has lost about a third of his lung capacity (-2 STR).

Now Knighted by the Duke of Villis, and awarded a fife on Audrey, Davor finds himself accompanied by his grandfather (who appeared aboard the Hazard to Navigation after having spent 40 years lost after a mis-jump aboard the same vessel) and his cousin Jedidiah Ignace Knight, with unexpected Zhodani Noble visitors who may have been blown up by the Navy Destroyer assigned to protect Audrey. If that’s not bad enough, Grieg is commanding the Destroyer…

Davor Paulson

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